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How Does Build To Rent Promote Health and Well-Being for Tenants?

2 Dec 2021

As health and well-being become essential for all tenants, Build To Rent developments are leading the trends with gyms, mental health programmes, communal spaces and pet-friendly environment.

The traditional Private Rented Sector (PRS) is riddled with several problems. As per the English Housing Survey, 28% of rental homes traditional PRS are unfit to live in. 15% of tenants also believe that their current living conditions compromise their health and well-being1. The Build To Rent model addresses a number of these challenges. Besides providing access to high quality homes, Build To Rent developers offer many amenities that promote health and wellness.

This article will discuss how Build To Rent differentiates itself from traditional PRS by focusing exclusively on health and safety for tenants.

  1. The Growing Emphasis on Wellness In the UK
  2. Access to On-site Fitness Gyms
  3. Availability of Onsite Staff
  4. Mental Health and Wellness programmes
  5. Being Part of an Active Community
  6. Availability of Pet-Friendly Rentals
  7. Final Thoughts

How Does Build To Rent Promote Health and Well-Being for Tenants?

The Growing Emphasis on Wellness In the UK

Wellness is becoming a driving factor in the UK and Europe residential rental market. According to surveys by Velux Group and McGrawHill Construction, 83% of respondents expressed concerns about indoor air quality. 60% were also willing to pay a premium for a healthy home2.

Another UK Tenant Survey by Knight Frank found that tenants would be willing to pay more for facilities that support wellness, for example3:

% consider paying rental premium forOnsite gymSwimming poolCommunal garden
Regional average income51%54%47%
Regional higher income61%67%45%
London average income63%56%53%
London higher income71%67%48%

How Does Build To Rent Promote Health and Safety for Tenants?

The Build To Rent sector has embraced the wellness trend to provide multiple facilities to tenants that support their physical, mental and social well-being. Some of the key amenities promoting health and safety for tenants include:

Access to Onsite Fitness Gyms

A group of tenants exercising together in their communal gym at their Build To Rent development.

A primary attraction of renting Build To Rent homes is that you get free access to a fully-equipped gym. Given the rising popularity of health and fitness among UK residents, this is a major plus. According to MindBody 2020 Fitness Trends in the UK, over 50% of UK residents prioritise fitness and work out at least 2.9 times a week4. This applies to individuals of all ages.

Build To Rent developers such as Moda Living have also introduced a resident wellness programme. This programme allows tenants to focus on their health and fitness by joining an onsite gym and playing sports on special courts installed on rooftops. Moda Living is also collaborating with Hero, a digital wellness startup, to provide tenants with health and fitness advice from experts5.

Prosperity Capital is pursuing similar initiatives. Besides an onsite gym, they have created outdoor yoga studios on rooftops for tenants. This can encourage tenants to engage with each other and be part of fitness groups6.

Availability of Onsite Staff

As mentioned earlier, tenants between the ages of 25 to 49 associate the availability of a 24-hour concierge with the concept of wellness. They are also willing to pay a higher rental premium for this facility. Accordingly, Build To Rent provides an onsite management team that can facilitate tenants by:

  • Introducing them to the community
  • Helping them settle into their new home
  • Receiving packages in their absence
  • Providing recommendations on restaurants and other popular attractions nearby
  • Resolving complaints and repair issues promptly

These services are free of cost and are available to all tenants.

A group of tenants attending a mental health consultation session at their Build To Rent development.

Mental health is a critical component of tenant wellness. Build To Rent developers such as Moda Living have introduced mental health programmes for tenants to stay mentally fit. They are offering virtual wellbeing workshops with Hero that focus on7:

  • Anxiety management
  • Mental health
  • Self-care
  • Health and nutrition

The emphasis on mental health is especially applicable during the current situation when tenants must opt for social distancing and self-isolation due to COVID-19.

Given the financial challenges posed by the pandemic, Build To Rent developers such as Grainger are also ensuring the mental well-being of tenants by helping them cope with rent arrears. They are guiding them on government support measures for managing rental payments and addressing tenant problems as efficiently as possible8.

Click here for other initiatives taken by Build To Rent developers to help tenants during the pandemic.

Being Part of an Active Community

A 2017 survey by the Office of National Statistics revealed that a majority of renters tend to experience varying levels of loneliness. 9.5% of renters always feel lonely, while 22.83% and 26.40% experience loneliness often and occasionally9.

A stressful tenant receiving wellbeing consultation from a mental health expert at his Build To Rent development's social event.

These findings suggest renters want to be part of a community that allows them to forge meaningful relationships and engage in social interactions. Build To Rent developments provide renters with communal spaces such as libraries, games rooms and TV lounges that allow them to bond with other tenants. Tenants can also participate in social events, such as:

  • Cooking classes
  • Yoga classes
  • Quiz nights
  • Cinema
  • Comedy and musical performances
  • Major televised sporting events

Besides this, Build To Rent operators like Moda Living have built a virtual neighbourhood forum via their MyModa app to promote online interactions. Tenants can use this app to chat with each other, participate in video gaming contests, share movie recommendations and offer advice.

Availability of Pet-Friendly Rentals

Owning a pet is a terrific way to look after your mental health. However, finding a pet-friendly apartment is hard. According to a survey, around 78% of renters had difficulties finding a pet-friendly property and 69% of landlords don’t allow pets10.

On the other hand, around 74% of Build To Rent developers are pet-friendly11. Build To Rent operators don’t just allow pets; they ensure that the apartments are 100% pet-friendly. They also offer amenities, such as pet day-care, communal areas to bathe pets, convenient pet waste stations and activities for humans and pets to do together. You can also find a dog park close to these rentals.

A tenant taking care of her white hair dog in their pet-friendly Build To Rent apartment.

Final Thoughts

The emphasis on health and safety for tenants positions Build To Rent developments as the go-to choice for renters looking for a lifestyle that supports wellness. Unlike traditional PRS, Build To Rent takes on a tenant-focused approach and provides tenants with a premium living experience. Besides the facilities mentioned above, Build To Rent also offers secured bike storage and fully-furnished homes.

Are you looking for a healthy living arrangement? Reach out to and get access to the best Build To Rent properties in your city.